Common Auto Parts that Need Replacement

Common Auto Parts that Need ReplacementA big part of keeping your vehicle running strong is ensuring that it is up to date with its maintenance needs. Many forms of maintenance requires replacing worn out parts that have taken a beating over the miles. By replacing these parts your car will maintain maximum power and fuel efficiency. Don't be surprised if you visit the shop for a tune up to find out that any of the following parts need to be replaced.

Car Battery

Just like the batteries in your TV remote, the car battery will need to be replaced at some point. Most car batteries will last between two and five years, depending on the type that is installed in your car or truck.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is tasked with removing impurities in the gasoline that if were to make it into the engine could cause damage. A clogged fuel filter will result in a low flow or no flow of gas to the engine, which could result in hard starts, no starts or stalling.

Air Filter

The air filter has a similar function for the air, as it is tasked with ensuring no dirt or dust gets into the motor via incoming air. Air is necessary to be mixed with the fuel for proper combustion, but contaminants could result in improper detonation.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are fed an electrical charge that then cause a spark, which ignites the air and fuel mix. If the spark plugs become dirty or corroded, it could result in an improperly running engine. Spark plugs often last 20,000 to 30,000 miles.


The alternator is what produces the electricity necessary to operate lights and other components of your vehicle while the engine is on. Extra electricity it produces is stored in the battery to ensure the vehicle can start. A failing alternator will cause trouble with electrical accessories.


The starter motor is what gets the engine spinning. If the starter starts to fail you'll often hear a loud click or series of clicks when you turn the key. The sound you're hearing is the starter motor actuating, but not spinning.

If your car is giving you trouble it is likely time for parts replacement. An expert auto repair shop will perform diagnostics and services to get you back on the road! For professional auto repair in Prescott or Kingman visit the team at Advanced Transmission. We use high quality replacement parts for all services. Give us a call at (928) 227-4097, for transmission repair in Kingman reach us at (928) 227-4173 to request professional auto repair in Prescott or Kingman.

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