Why Won't My Car Start?

Why Won't My Car Start?There are few things as frustrating when it comes to your car as getting in, turning the key, and the engine not starting. There are many things that can prevent an engine from starting, but most of them are relatively simple and can be quickly diagnosed and repaired. If your car begins to experience hard starting issues, or if it is beyond the point of no return, have your vehicle towed to the local auto repair shop for the proper no-start fix.

Dead Battery

The most common reason that a vehicle won't start is because the battery has died. The battery may die if the lights are left on or if the radio is played when the engine isn't running, but in these cases a simple jump start will get you back on the road. Batteries do die, much the same as the ones in your TV remote, and need to be replaced from time to time.

Fuel Delivery Issue

If an issue arises in the fuel system the engine will likely turn over and over without firing up. The most common problems that the fuel system may suffer from include a malfunctioning fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter or dirty fuel injectors.

Failed Starter

The starter motor is fed an electrical charge when the key is turned that causes its pinion gear to actuate and connect with the flywheel. At this point the pinion gear is supposed to spin the flywheel to get the motor's motion started. If the starter motor fails you will often hear a loud click, or a series of clicks, when you turn the key, but there will be no response from the engine. The sound you are hearing is the starter motor actuating, but not spinning. You will need a starter replacement to get back on the road without trouble.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what provides electrical power to your car as the engine operates. The motion of the engine is converted to electrical power to run power accessories such as seats, windows, the radio, navigation and more. It also is what allows headlights and tail lights to shine bright. If you ever notice difficulty operating any of these accessories or if your headlights are dim or flickering, it is likely time for a new alternator.

The first time you experience hard starting be sure to visit a reputable auto repair shop so you don't end up stranded. For professional automotive diagnostics in Kingman, Arizona visit Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. Our full service facility is staffed by expert technicians who can solve any problem with your car or truck. Give us a call at the location nearest you to request an appointment for auto repair in Kingman.

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