Common Signs it is Time for Engine Repair

Common Signs it is Time for Engine RepairEven if you take excellent care of your car or truck there is still a chance of running into engine problems as the miles on the odometer add up. General wear and tear, even when combatted by routine auto maintenance, can take a toll on any vehicle. It is important that you pay attention to any symptoms of trouble that your vehicle may exhibit so that you can get to an auto shop for proper diagnostics. When it comes to engine trouble, the following five problems need to be addressed immediately to prevent further destruction.

Check engine light

This one is rather obvious, but it needs to be on this list as too many drivers simply ignore the check engine light. The light will usually come on when a minor problem is present, but if it is ignored that issue will grow worse and worse.

Reduced performance

Have you noticed a drop in fuel efficiency? Is your car or truck having a tough time getting up to speed? These and other issues can represent a plethora of engine problems. Proper diagnostics are necessary to figure out what type of repair should be done.

Increased amounts of exhaust

If your car begins to emit excessive exhaust smoke, particularly colored exhaust smoke, there's definitely engine trouble. Depending on the color of the smoke you can often tell what is wrong. Black smoke means too much gasoline is burning, blue smoke is an indication of oil in the combustion chamber and white smoke means antifreeze could be leaking into the motor.

Knocking noise

A knocking noise that comes from under the hood may indicate worn engine bearings. The engine bearings are what support the movement of many engine parts. Should the seize due to poor lubrication the motor would suddenly stop, likely ripping itself apart from the inside in the process.

Metal flakes in engine oil

When you have the oil changed, or if you do it yourself, make sure the old oil is inspected for metal flakes. If any are present it means that there is excessive friction occurring inside the engine between moving parts. Poor lubrication will tear the motor down.

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