This Means it is Time for Suspension Repair

The suspension system in your vehicle has a couple very important roles. Not only is it what provides you with a smooth and comfortable ride, but it is tasked with ensuring all four wheel remain on the ground all times so you always have full braking power. It also utilizes an anti-sway bar to prevent your vehicle from rolling over while cornering. While many people are most concerned with the comfort aspect of the suspensions' duties, it is imperative that you pay attention to signs of trouble so you can not only ensure a comfy ride, but also a safe one. Should you notice any of the following don't hesitate to reach out to a professional auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and service.

One corner is low

If you notice that one corner of your car seems lower than the others but the tire is not flat then it is likely that the shock or strut that corresponds to that tire has failed and collapsed on itself. This is a serious issue that can cause your car to drift and increase tire wear. You'll likely want to replace the worn suspension parts on both sides of the car, even if only one has failed at this point.

Oil on the strut

Should you suspect that the suspension has failed try rubbing a rag along the strut or hydraulic shock to see if there is any oil on it. If there is it is feasible that the strut casing that houses the hydraulic fluid has cracked or a seal has broken and the fluid is leaking out of the part.

Bounce test

There is a quick test you can perform should you believe that your suspension is due for service. Simply push on the front or rear of the vehicle until it starts bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing on the car it should return to a stable position within three to four bounces. Any more than that and it is a good idea to get to a repair shop for more sophisticated diagnostics.

Rolling sensation

When you go around a corner it is the anti-sway bar that shifts your vehicle's center of gravity to prevent it from rolling over. If you ever get a rollercoaster feeling as your turn it could very well be that this part has failed, which makes driving dangerous!

If you believe your car is due for suspension repair in Kingman, Lake Havasu or Prescott head to the nearest Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. Our full service auto repair shops will have your car driving like new in no time. Give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule expert auto repair in Lake Havasu, Kingman!

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