Common Symptoms of General Car Trouble

Common Symptoms of General Car TroubleAs a vehicle owner it is important to pay attention to any signs of trouble that may occur. While your car is quite smart and can communicate some problems to the drive via sensors and microprocessors, there are other times when you need to use your own senses to detect an issue. The following are a few of the most common signs of car trouble that you may encounter, meaning it's time to get to the auto repair shop ASAP!

Weird noises

There are plenty of issues that can cause your car to make some strange sounds. Some of the more common ones include grinding brakes, caused by low brake pads, a whining automatic transmission, which occurs if the needle bearings are worn, or due to low transmission fluid, or a knocking noise under the hood if the engine bearings need service.

Odd smells

Using your nose to detect car trouble isn't farfetched. Have you noticed a dirty laundry smell inside your car? This could be caused by mold growth in the heater or AC vents. Can you smell something sweet, like maple syrup? This may because of a coolant leak, which would result in overheating.

Fluid leaks

If you ever notice something dripping from your vehicle be sure to get to the mechanic's right away. Your car uses a number of fluids and none of them should ever be leaking. You're likely to encounter oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks, coolant leaks, brake fluid leaks, power steering fluid leaks or differential leaks.


Shakes and vibrations often tell the story of a problem that is in need of desperate repair. A shaking steering wheel could indicate a wheel alignment issue while a vibrating gas pedal is likely due to an exhaust leak. A brake pedal that won't stay still could be a sign of warped brake rotors.

Dashboard indicator light

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of trouble is if a dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light, ABS light, oil light, battery light, or some other, comes on. These require further diagnostics using specialized computers owned by expert auto repair shops.

Don't hesitate to have potential issues looked at. It is imperative that you get them taken care of quickly to prevent the need for more extensive auto repair. If you need diagnostics and auto repair in Prescott or Kingman, AZ, be sure to visit Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. We offer bumper to bumper auto repair for all makes and models. Contact us today to schedule quality auto repair in Kingman or Prescott! Your car will thank you.

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