Customer Reviews of Advanced Transmission in Kingman

Customer Reviews of Advanced Transmission in KingmanWhen searching for auto repair it is always a good idea to ask the opinions of your friends and neighbors in the community. There is often no better way to get a solid recommendation for any type of product or service than that of the people who have first hand experience with what it is you're seeking. At Advanced Transmission we're happy to provide some recent testimonials of our Kingman auto repair shop. We hope that the next time your car is due for any type of service you listen to those in the area and come give us a shot when your car is due for any type of service.

Experienced problems with shifting gears during a road trip from WV to CA and stopped in here because of the reviews. Fast service. He had me in and out in two hours. Bob and Larry were both very nice. The place itself was easy to get to and really clean and cool in the waiting area. I'm not very knowledgeable about the pricing of services but it was affordable. I am very thankful this was the place I came to. - Sara H.

We have been through many transmission shops and this one by far is the best service we have had. Advance Transmission does quality work and run a very professional shop with courteous employees. Highly recommend to anyone. - Ashley S.

Bob's cool, he saved some of my parts that were still good and saved me money. Honest man with an honest work ethic. I recommend and would return in the future if needed. - Paul H.

I was driving through Kingman Arizona on my way to a job interview in Phoenix. My transmission started acting up on a Saturday so I called around. Bob at Advanced Transmission was the first to call back. Thank God for that! Not only was the work expertly done he worked with me on a very limited budget and got me back on the road Tuesday afternoon. My car is running great! Thank you Bob for the excellent and timely work! I couldn't have picked a better place to break down or better service. - Trevor B.

My family of 4 got stranded in Kingman when our car stopped shifting. Luckily for us we found this transmission shop!! They are awesome! Bob and his team do great work and you can tell they really care about their customers! - Chad M.

I had some car problems on a road trip and took my car into them first thing this morning. Quick service. Great prices. Awesome customer service. I highly recommend Advanced Transmissions. Bob and Daisy were both extremely helpful. - Colton N.

The guys at Advanced really took care of me. I was in a bad spot and they went above and beyond. I am so pleased with the work they did. I recommend Advanced to anyone that needs some work done on their vehicles. - Michael P.

Our team truly cares about our customers! When your car gives you transmission trouble, or any other sort of car trouble, call Advanced Transmission at (928) 227-4173 to schedule expert auto repair in Kingman or the surrounding area.

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