Does my truck need transmission repair?

Does my truck need transmission repair?Your truck's transmission is a sophisticated piece of machinery. Its main task is transferring the power created by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission is unable to complete the smooth shifting necessary to do this properly, you may end up with a truck that can't shift at all. It's important that you follow your truck manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to reduce the chances of trouble, although, issues may still arise. Should you run into the following signs of transmission trouble in your truck, you'll want to visit a mechanic right away.

Whining sounds

Automatic transmissions are equipped with torque converters that use a part called needle bearings. After many, many miles of use, or because of neglected maintenance, they may become worn out. If they do wear they'll start to produce a sharp whining noise, meaning they need to be serviced.

Delayed response while shifting

A common sign of transmission problems in trucks is a delayed response while shifting. This occurs in automatic transmissions and it is characterized by high engine revving between shifts.

Pops out of gear

If the manual transmission pops out of gear or falls into neutral it is necessary to have the problem addressed as soon as possible. These issues pose a serious safety concern as they can cause a sudden loss of power that prevents you from properly controlling your truck.

Grinding noises

One of the most common signs of transmission issues is a grinding noise that happens while shifting through the gears. This can indicate low levels of transmission fluid, but it may also be a much more serious problem, such as a chipped gear tooth.

Visible transmission fluid leak

Perhaps the most obvious sign of transmission trouble is a visible tranny fluid leak. Transmission fluid is generally a reddish color and will drip directly under the transmission if a leak occurs. If you notice your vehicle leaking any fluids be sure to get to a repair shop ASAP for proper diagnostics.

If your truck is having transmission issues do not hesitate to have the problem properly diagnosed by an professional transmission repair technician. If you need truck transmission repair in Prescott, Kingman or Lake Havasu, Arizona, or any surrounding community, be sure to visit the team at Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. We service all makes and models at our bumper to bumper facility. To learn more or to schedule transmission service in Arizona give us a call at the location nearest you!

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