Expert Transmission Service in Kingman, AZ

Expert Transmission Service in Kingman, AZBecause transmission issues can quickly become problems that are very expensive to repair, you'll want to always keep up on maintenance in this department. As soon as symptoms of transmission trouble arise, you'll want to promptly get to a specialist for an inspection. Here's a look at four transmission services provided by a reputable mechanic in Kingman, AZ.

Transmission Repair in Kingman

There are several symptoms that mean it could be time for transmission repair. A classic sign is that, while you're cruising calmly down the road, all of a sudden the transmission pops out of gear. Leaking transmission fluid, which is often identifiable by its reddish color, is another indication that you should get to the shop for an inspection. One more sign of transmission trouble is that it's become difficult just to get into gear.

Transmission Rebuilds & Replacements

In the event that your transmission problems are major, it could turn out that the estimated repair costs are actually higher than the transmission's value. In such a scenario, it could make the most sense to choose a rebuild or replacement.

Transmission Maintenance in Kingman

Generally, transmission maintenance should be completed at about every 20,000 miles. But because different vehicles have differing specifications for how often maintenance should be done, you'll want to consult your owner's manual. Regular transmission maintenance will help to maximize lifespan and optimize performance.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Manual transmissions should typically have their fluid flushed at some point between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. If your transmission fluid becomes burnt and/or dirty, it could lead to the need for costly repairs.

If you're in need of transmission service, be sure to visit a reputable specialist. For transmission maintenance and repair in Prescott and Kingman, AZ, the experts to contact are with Advanced Transmission. Advanced Transmission specializes in all types of auto repair in Prescott and Kingman. Feel free to visit Advanced Transmission today for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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