Is My Car's Engine OK?

Is My Car's Engine OK?The engine under the hood of your car is generally considered its heart, and rightfully so. It is what creates the power that spins wheels, taking you to all the places you want or need to go. It is important to provide your car with scheduled auto maintenance, such as oil changes, to ensure that the engine stays in tip-top shape. However, many things can contribute to poor motor health, aside from missed maintenance. Harsh driving habits or high mileage can both cause trouble, among other things. If you notice any of these signs of engine failure be sure to visit your local auto shop for diagnostics and repair right away.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

A major sign of engine trouble is excessive exhaust smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Depending on the color of the smoke that is being emitted from the exhaust system you can generally get an idea of what is wrong under the hood. For example, blue smoke is an indication of burning oil, white emissions indicate coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber and black exhaust is a sign that too much gas is being used.

Oil Leaks

If you spot anything leaking from your car it is important that you head to the auto repair shop as soon as possible. Your vehicle uses a number of fluids to operate, and when it comes to the engine, oil is its lifeblood. Oil stains will appear as black or dark brown on your driveway, or wherever you park your car. Low oil levels will cause excessive friction between the moving engine parts, resulting in massive damage.

Knocking Noises

A knocking noise that rises and falls with the RPMs of the motor is a sign of worn engine bearings. These bearings support the movement of the moving parts in the engine, and should they fail completely the engine could suffer a catastrophic failure. Be sure to let a technician diagnose any weird sounds that you hear while driving your vehicle so proper repairs can be completed.

Check Engine Light

One of the most obvious signs that it is time for engine repair is if the check engine light is illuminated. This light can represent a number of different problems, but most are relatively small and easy to fix. However, should you put off repairs there is is a good chance that small issue will grow much worse and more expensive to fix.

If you suspect engine issues be sure to visit an auto repair shop right away. For professional engine repair in Kingman or Prescott head to Advanced Transmission. Our highly trained team of auto repair technicians will identify the issue under the hood and have it fixed in no time. To request an estimate for expert auto repair in Kingman or Prescott give the Advanced Transmission nearest you a call today.

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