Common Signs of a Transmission Issue

As soon as you start to suspect transmission trouble, you'll want to be proactive about getting to the shop to have the matter inspected. If you delay, the issue could soon worsen and require increasingly expensive repairs. At Advanced Transmission Rebuilding, our local mechanics are experts at identifying and repairing transmission problems. Give us a call when you notice any of the following signs of a transmission issue.

Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble

Gear slippage is a clear-cut sign of a transmission problem. In some cases, the car won't stay in gear because pollutants in transmission fluid prevent the fluid from properly flowing. As a result, there's not enough hydraulic pressure for the vehicle to dependably stay in gear. In some instances, a transmission fluid flush will resolve this issue, though there is a possibility that you'll need more complicated work to be done.

You may become aware of transmission problems when you check your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid should be checked monthly and with the engine still running. As transmission fluid cools down, it tends to contract. So if you check transmission fluid with your engine cold, you might get a misleading reading on how much fluid you're driving with. If you check your fluid and the transmission dipstick shows that the level has gotten especially low, then you may have a leak. It's important to take care of transmission fluid leaks ASAP so that very expensive problems don't get the opportunity to arise. Also, fluid that appears or smells burnt should be brought to a mechanic's attention.

With stick shifts, there are particular signs of clutch trouble to watch out for. If it's challenging to simply put your manual transmission into gear, then you may have a clutch master cylinder issue. Grinding is a sign of a failing clutch---but hopefully a clutch adjustment will take care of this problem. Another indication of clutch trouble is that your clutch pedal has become spongy or sticky.

Transmission Service in Kingman, AZ

When you need transmission repair in Kingman, AZ, contact Advanced Transmission Rebuilding at (928) 227-4173. At our nearby auto shop, we specialize in transmission repair and maintenance. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: August 25, 2021

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