Transmission Trouble: 7 Symptoms

Transmission Trouble: 7 SymptomsBecause seemingly minor transmission issues can soon worsen to the extent that very expensive repairs are needed, it's important to take action when signs of trouble first emerge. When you need transmission repair, it's always best to choose a shop that offers particular expertise in this department. Here's a look at seven signs of a transmission problem.

Slipping Gears

If you're calmly cruising down the road and your car suddenly jumps out of gear, then you've got a classic sign of transmission trouble. In some cases, this symptom can be addressed by getting a transmission flush. But there's also a chance that your transmission will need more in-depth attention from a mechanic.

Rough Shifting

Your transmission may be running on old, worn-out parts if your vehicle lurches or jerks when you shift.


Grinding in a standard transmission is an indication that the clutch is wearing out.

Difficult to Get Into Gear

You shouldn't have to make numerous attempts to simply get in gear. But if you do, then you've got reason to suspect transmission trouble.

Makes Noise in Neutral

If you hear shaking sounds while in neutral, then transmission trouble could be brewing. This issue can potentially be remedied with a transmission fluid flush.

Transmission Fluid Leak

It's good practice to periodically take a look at the ground where your vehicle is regularly parked and check for evidence of automotive fluid leaks. Transmission fluid can often be identified by its reddish color.

Burning Fluid

When transmission fluid emits a burning odor or turns darker in color, it's worth having a mechanic conduct an inspection to identify the underlying issue.

If you need transmission repair, be sure to visit a reputable specialist. For transmission repair in Kingman, AZ, contact the experts at Advanced Transmission. Advanced Transmission also provides all other types of auto repair in Kingman. Feel free to give Advanced Transmission a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: July 30, 2020

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