Does Your Car Need a New Starter?

Does Your Car Need a New Starter?Getting your car started seems as simple as turning the key or pushing a button, but it's a far more complicated process. There are multiple parts involved that are activated when you trigger the ignition which work in harmony to get the motor running. One of the most critical pieces of this puzzle is the starter motor. The starter has a gear that when activated by an electrical current engages with the flywheel, a gear connected to the engine, and spins it so that it can get the engine turning and fired up. If you experience any of the following symptoms of starter failure you will want to visit your local auto repair specialists.

Whirring Noise

The pinion gear is the part of the starter motor that is suppose to engage with the flywheel in order to turn the engine. If the gear does not actually connect with the flywheel but continues to spin on its own you will hear something like an elongated "whirr" or "swish." If the starter motor is spinning on it's own it usually means that the solenoid has gone out.

Grinding Sound

There is likely worn or missing teeth on the flywheel or pinion gear if you hear a grinding noise as you try and start your car. If there is this problem the two gears will not be able to properly work together to crank the engine. Another cause of a grinding noise could be that the bolts holding the starter motor in place have become loose.


If you hear a buzzing noise that sounds something similar to an electrical fence it means that there is electricity flowing to the starter motor but not enough to make it do its job. This may be caused by a weak battery or poor connections in the electrical system connected to the starter. Also be sure to clean the battery terminals if they appear dirty or corroded.

Loud Clicking

One of the easiest ways to diagnose starter trouble is if you hear a loud click, or a click, click, click when you turn the key but nothing else. This is the sound of the starter actuating but not spinning. It likely means the solenoid or motor has bit the dust.

If you experience any starting trouble be sure to call your local car repair shop to have the problem properly diagnosed. For expert starter repair in Prescott or Kingman reach out to Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. We strive to provide the highest quality auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule any auto repair in Kingman or Prescott.

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