Top Signs of an Alternator Problem

Top Signs of an Alternator ProblemAn alternator that is failing can leave you stranded and trying to find your way out of a precarious situation. You alternator is the part of your vehicle that generates the power that is needed for your engine to fire up and keep all of your electrical accessories working as they should. Here's a look at five signs of alternator trouble.

Dashboard Indicator Light

This is regularly the first sign that there is something awry with your alternator. If you drive a car or truck that has features dashboard indication for this issue, you'll likely see the letters ALT or GEN become illuminated.

Dead Battery

While batteries will eventually expire over the course of time, if you have one that is newish and has died, then you have cause to believe that there is an issue with your alternator---so long as you didn't forget to turn off your headlights.

Dimming Headlights

Your alternator is what provides power to your headlights. If you notice the lights have been dimming or flickering, then you've got good reason to be concerned about the condition of your alternator.

Failing Electrical Accessories

Insufficient power to your power windows, radio, and other electrical accessories is also a sign of alternator issues.


Because your alternator keeps your pistons pumping, you could end up stalled out if it should fail.

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