Top Signs Your Car Needs Axle Repair

Top Signs Your Car Needs Axle RepairAxles play an important role in vehicle function. Their primary purpose is to transfer the power created by the engine and the torque from the transmission to the tires. Axles are very sturdy, but they are vulnerable to damage because of their location under the car. They can break if the vehicle hits a bad bump or if it is driven with a bad carrier bearing. In some cases overloading a vehicle with too much weight, such as a truck with excessive cargo, can cause the axle to break. Pay attention for these signs that you need axle repair and if you notice any be sure to make an appointment with your local auto mechanic to have the problem resolved.

Clunking Sounds

If the axle is damaged the vehicle will strain to move. When you put your car into gear you may hear a sudden sputtering or clunking noise as the car struggles to transfer power to wheels. The noise will generally come from a specific point in your car, which can indicate where the problem is.

Wheel Area Vibrations

Odd vibrations or an uncommon rumbling sensations coming from the area of one tire that occur as you accelerate or while cornering are good signs that there is axle damage. A trip to the auto shop will be necessary to properly diagnose the issue.

Car Won't Move

Perhaps the best indication that you have axle trouble is if your vehicle sounds like it runs fine and will go into gear, but simply will not move. This is often because the axle has bent or snapped near the universal joint. When you hit the gas your engine will only rev and you will not move forward.

If you experience axle trouble don't hesitate to have it repaired. You could end up stuck on the side of the road and in need of a tow if you leave the trouble unchecked. For professional axle repair in Kingman or Prescott visit the team at Advanced Transmission. Our full service auto repair shop will return your vehicle to a safe and reliable condition, no matter what problem it is suffering from. Give us a call at (928) 227-4097 to schedule superior auto repair in Prescott or at (928) 227-4173 for auto repair in Kingman.

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