What Does Excessive Exhaust Smoke Indicate?

What Does Excessive Exhaust Smoke Indicate?As your car runs it produces exhaust smoke that contains fumes highly poisonous to humans and animals. Healthy exhaust systems prevent these gases from getting into the passenger cabin and they also help to improve fuel economy by monitoring the makeup of your car's emissions and calculating the proper air and fuel mixture based on these readings. But you can monitor your exhaust, too, and possibly detect engine trouble! If you notice excessive amounts of smoke coming out of the tailpipe be sure to note its color, as it can indicate some sort of problem within your car or truck's engine. These are the common colors of exhaust smoke and what they often mean for your vehicle.

Black Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle is creating thick black exhaust it often indicates the burning of excessive amounts of gasoline. This is often caused by a faulty Mass Air Flow sensor, which measures the amount of incoming air and calculates the proper amount of gasoline to mix with it to create a properly running engine. If it malfunctions it can cause your vehicle to run rich, which is another name for using too much gasoline. Not only will this greatly lower your car's fuel efficiency, it can also cause additional engine problems, including burnt valves, a problem that would require sufficient internal engine work.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

Did you know that engine oil burns blue? That means blue exhaust smoke is the result of an oil leak that is causing oil to be burnt up inside the motor. This is cause for major concern as burning oil means there is not sufficient oil inside the engine to give it the lubrication it needs to run properly! The end result will be an oil starved engine that may seize up due to excessive metal on metal contact!

White Exhaust Smoke

White plumes of smoke exiting the rear of your vehicle are often a result of an internal engine leak that is allowing coolant (radiator fluid) to be burnt up in the combustion chamber. A coolant leak puts your vehicle at high risk of overheating problems that may result in major engine damage. If your motor is allowed to get too hot the block could actually crack! Before that happens you'll likely experience a blown head gasket or burnt piston rings, both timely repairs for any vehicle.

Exhaust smoke can tell you a lot about what is going on inside the engine, just remember to act on any symptoms of trouble. If you need engine repair in Prescott or Kingman get in touch with the professional technicians at Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. We specialize in transmissions, but offer complete auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule superior auto repair in Prescott or Kingman today.

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