What is an Automotive Fluid Flush?

What is an Automotive Fluid Flush?You may think that your car uses only gasoline to run but the engine actually requires oxygen and electricity too. You may also be surprised, or not, depending on your vehicle knowledge, that your car uses a variety of other fluids to operate. While these fluids aren't required to make the engine run, they work within their individual systems to ensure overall vehicle health, safety and operational ability.

On occasion, or in accordance with your vehicle's service schedule, these fluids need to be drained and refilled. This is because they can breakdown and collect contaminants throughout the life of the vehicle. If your car is due for a fluid flush do not hesitate to make an appointment with your local auto repair shop. The following are the five most common fluid related automotive services.

Power Steering Flush

Some vehicles uses hydraulically assisted power steering systems. If this fluid breaks down or becomes contaminated you may soon find it more difficult to turn the steering wheel. This is a true safety concern and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Brake Fluid Flush

The brake system is hydraulically assisted as well. When you hit the brakes fluid from the reservoir near the brake master cylinder rushes through the brake lines to pull the brake pads against the rotors. If the brake fluid is dirty or rich with water it may hinder your ability to stop.

Cooling System Flush

The cooling system is vital for the health of your engine. Should the coolant or antifreeze liquid not be up to par it could result in overheating which will lead to massive engine damage.

Differential Flush

This service is not needed for every vehicle. The differential also uses fluid to keep the mechanism working properly. This fluid is very similar to transmission fluid.

Transmission Fluid Flush

The transmission, tasked with transferring the power created by the engine to the wheels, uses special fluid to keep the gears lubricated and ensure proper shifting. If you notice grinding noises, delayed shifting or have other troubles getting through the gears it may be time for a transmission flush.

Never neglect your car of the auto maintenance it so desperately needs. When it's time for a fluid flush in Kingman head to Advanced Transmission Rebuilding. We offer expert services for all makes and models. To learn more give us a call at the location nearest you. We look forward to providing you with quality auto maintenance in Kingman.

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