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Auto Repair, Transmission Rebuild/Repair & Differential Service

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Free Local Towing
  • Free Diagnostic
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Performance transmission Rebuild
  • Standard Transmission Rebuild
  • Transfer Case rebuild
  • Differential Rebuild and Service
  • All Auto Maintenance

Auto Repair in Prescott

Auto Repair in Prescott, AZAt Advanced Transmission Prescott we are equipped with the most advanced automotive diagnostic and repair tools. You can count on our team for your auto repairs to have you in and out quickly, no matter what you need! We offer the following auto repair services brakes, radiators, mufflers or shocks, & more. We do it all! Visit us at 935 Haining Road in Prescott or call us for an appointment at (928) 227-4097.

Transmission Rebuild and Repair In Prescott

Transmission Rebuild and Repair in Prescott, AZModern cars and trucks have computer assisted automatic transmissions to ensure fast and accurate shifts that prevent fuel waste and maintain constant vehicle power. Common signs that it may be time for transmission service includes high engine revving while the transmission shifts, gears slipping, erratic shifting or a transmission fluid leak. Don't always expect the worst when it comes to transmission trouble, it could be a simple fix! Come by today and our expert transmission rebuild and repair team will figure out exactly what the issue is. If the problem is beyond simple transmission repair Advanced Transmission Prescott has a team of techs with over 10 plus years experience in custom transmission rebuilds. With a team of techs as highly skilled as ours you can rest assured your transmission will be shifting better than ever upon rebuild.

Performance Transmission Rebuild

Performance Transmission Rebuild in Prescott, AZAt Advanced Transmission Prescott we have the knowledge, equipment and skill to take your transmission to the next level. Whether it's a classic cruiser or a racing machine at Advanced Transmission we can custom build your transmission for all your performance needs. From upgraded shift packages to upgraded converters we can build up your transmission for all your needs. Make sure to come on in and ask about our custom performance transmission rebuilds today.

Differential Service and Rebuild

When it comes to differential, both front and rear, Advanced Transmission has got you covered! From your average differential service to complete differential rebuilds Advanced Transmission can do it all. If you are having issues with your differential or begin to hear noises bring it by for a complimentary diagnoses and we will find the solution! Prolonging repair of your differential may not seem like a big deal but it sure can be. If not repaired or serviced when needed, the differential can potentially cause damage to other parts of your vehicle. If you are noticing any type of noises or issues with your differential make sure to schedule your free diagnoses today in Prescott by calling (928) 227-4097.

Prescott, AZ
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