Transmission Repair in Prescott & Kingman, AZ

Transmission Repair in Prescott & Kingman, AZWhen you're out on the road it is important to pay attention to how your vehicle is behaving, including how it shifts. The transmission is one of the more intricate mechanisms your vehicle uses to get you from A to B, so keeping it in good shape is an absolute must. At Advanced Transmission Rebuilding we are highly skilled at identifying and repairing all types of transmission problems based on the symptoms you experience and our own drive test and diagnostics. Should you ever notice grinding noises or delayed shifting be sure to give our team a call for expert transmission repair in Kingman or Prescott.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Modern cars and trucks have computer assisted automatic transmissions to ensure fast and accurate shifts that prevent fuel waste and maintain constant vehicle power. Common signs that it may be time for service includes high engine revving while the transmission shifts, gears slipping, erratic shifting or a transmission fluid leak. Don't always expect the worst when it comes to transmission trouble, it could be a simple fix! Come by today and our team will figure out exactly what the issue is.

Manual Transmission Repair

Manual transmission vehicles seem to be fading from the marketplace but there are still a few new ones and plenty of late models that utilize the stick shift. Manual transmissions require routine maintenance and the occasional adjustment. A couple usual signs of manual transmission trouble includes a burning smell, which many indicate it's time for clutch service, or the transmission suddenly popping out of gear and into neutral. Do not hesitate to visit us should you have a hard time getting through the gears.

Transmission Maintenance

When it comes to the transmission it is important that you provide it with the routine maintenance it needs or else you could be facing some serious trouble. General transmission maintenance includes a transmission fluid flush, replacing the transmission filter when applicable and installing a new transmission pan gasket. Check your owner's manual to see how often your car requires scheduled transmission service.

Transmission Rebuilding

Transmission Rebuilding in Prescott & Kingman, AZThere may be times when your transmission is beyond simple repair. In this case it may be necessary to complete a transmission rebuild. Our team of technicians are highly skilled at this process, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your car will shift like new following a transmission rebuild by the techs at Advanced Transmission Rebuilding.

Never hesitate to make an appointment with Advanced Transmission Rebuilding if you experience any signs of transmission trouble. To learn more about our extensive services or to make an appointment for expert transmission repair in Prescott call (928) 227-4097 or for our transmission repair shop in Kingman give us a call at (928) 227-4173 and we will be happy to assist you.

"Advance Transmission has rebuilt two transmissions for and I'm very happy with the end result. One being a manual for a Nissan Frontier and the latter being automatic for the Ram 1500 truck."
~ - Kingman, AZ

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